This local council initiative is supported by the NSW EPA
Waste Less Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.

Why can’t I put plastic bags in the recycling bin?

It’s not safe for recycling facility workers to open plastic bags full of recycling, and the bags get caught in the sorting machines. The bags have to be picked off the conveyer and sent to landfill. So the recycling in plastic bags doesn’t get recycled.

There’s no magic fairy at the sorting facility, but you can work some magic by un-bagging your recycling, so your recycling efforts aren’t wasted.

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What can I use instead?

  • Use a cardboard box for your recycling. If you need to you can also place the empty box in the recycling bin.
  • Use a reusable bag or bucket that can be wiped or washed easily.
  • If you do use a plastic bag, hang onto the bag and reuse it. If it can’t be reused see if your local supermarket recycles plastic bags.
  • If all else fails, dispose of plastic bags in your general waste bin.

    Unwrap your newspapers and magazines!

    Take plastic wrap off newspapers and magazines before putting them in your home recycling bin.

    What can I do to recycle soft plastics?

    Whilst you can’t recycle soft plastics at home, you can collect all your soft plastics including newspaper wrap, plastic bags, chip packets and biscuit wrappers and take them to Redcycle Bins located at many supermarkets.

    If it’s plastic and passes the scrunch test, it’s generally accepted by Redcycle. Click the arrow to learn about the scrunch test.

    Still confused about what types of plastic you can recycle?

    Do the scrunch test. If the plastic can be scrunched into a ball, it can go to Redcycle Bins or your general waste bin. If it’s rigid and doesn’t pass the scrunch test, put it in your recycling bin.

    Visit Planet Ark’s to recycle different household items.

    Look for the new Australasian Recycling Label on food and drink packaging.


    Labels identifying how and where products can be recycled.